Google Search Is Slow

Another one of Google’s services is heading towards the eternal hunting grounds, as the company announced its (rather slow) …

Many of Google services for me are either running incredibly slow or just not loading at all. For the past day in a half or so Gmail has been the worse offender–but …

If tapping the search bar and typing a search term inside the Google Search app seems painfully slow on your Android device, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a an easy—albeit experimental—fix that can speed up those searches significantly, and all you have to do is disable a built-in system app to do it.

Jun 24, 2013  · Welcome to Reddit, Third, and this is what I think was the fix, was disabling Search Applications Provider under Settings->Apps->All->Search Applications Provider. After doing all 3 of those things, my google now search is about as close to instant as it can get. It’s now as fast in my initial search as it had been under subsequent searches.

Chrome is very slow. 0 recommended Answers. 82 replies 348 Upvotes. Hello, I've been trying to fix slow chrome(pages sometimes load and sometimes it doesn't) for 2 days right now. I've tried every possible fix on reddit, chrome support, google and other various sources but came out empty.

–> Then "CMD" will be displayed in the search –> Now right-click on "CMD" —> Select "Run as administrator". I had this problem in Windows 10 with Google Chrome – initial load painfully slow. Turned out the upgrade to Windows 10 (from 7) had left the shortcut to Chrome set to 'Windows 7…

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Sure, you gained their custom on this occasion — but a slow load time can still deter them from a future … So what is a …

Feb 16, 2014  · Google is your preferred search engine. Fine. But for a few moments to experiment, try Bing or Yahoo or something. Put in the same phrase, or whatever, and let those things search. I suspect the problem has to do with your ISP and/or DNS services having a problem linking up… but by trying other search engines we can perhaps isolate the problem.

This is ironic, googling stuff by typing in the address bar using Google's Chrome browser can sometimes be really slow. In fact, when it happened, it takes forever to load. My temporary solution is: every time it happens, I switch the default search engine to Yahoo in the Chrome Settings > Search.

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I was getting annoyed with how slow the search from the persistent search bar has been. The initial search would take a long time. The other day my friend on an iphone 4s tried a siri voice search about a second after I did it on my VZW Galaxy Nexus(with the 6/23 CM10.1 nightly), and it took a solid 15-20 seconds longer for google now to get the same results.

How to Fix Slow Google Chrome - Taking Too Long to LoadSep 05, 2011  · Google is extremely slow on updating website information for Google Search. They are much slower than any of the others. This makes me wonder why Google is the most used search engine.

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